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Box includes: Oats soap, EVOO Classic soap, Elise soap, Lavender soap, Pumice stone, Espresso bar, Lavender & Oatmeal louffa scrub.

- This luxurious Oats soap gently cleanses and exfoliates your skin - is super moisturizing and provides suppleness and comfort to the skin, leaving behind a mouth watering scent of oatmeal, milk & honey.

- Correction: Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sage fragrance oil.

- In the bath or in the shower? Enjoy the bubbles...with our newest edition E L I S E S O A P // Made up of all things coconut.

- Mix and match for a personalized routine, that fits the need of your skin type with Threelittlebirdsxoxo Lavender Soap!

- Keep your feet feeling soft with our pumice stone! It is the perfect combination of eucalyptus and peppermint.

- Have an espresso, on me! Ingredients: goats milk, ground coffee, coconut oil and oats - perfect for pampering and moisturizing your skin.

- Soak up in a field of lavender with our lavender and oatmeal louffa scrub that gently cleanses and exfoliates your skin. 

- A candle has its own muscle memory. Meaning its first burn is most important. For as long as each vessel has reached a full melting pool - usually between 3 to 4hrs, it is going to burn in the same pattern every time to avoid tunnelling.

- With every consecutive burn, keep wick trimmed to about 1/4” inch to prevent candle from smoking. 

- It is recommended not burning your candle for longer than four to six hours at a time, to avoid overheating.

- Always keep a lit candle within your sight. Keep out of reach of flammable objects, pets, children or anything that may catch on fire.

- Once the wax has reached its final days make sure to leave about an inch of wax remaining. By not doing so it can cause heat damage to surfaces and cause the vessel to crack. 

You’ve invested a lot into your items, and deserve to enjoy them for a long time. We’ll help you care for them. 

Le Blanc Linen wash is one of many detergents that is an exceptional cleanser designed for the laundering of luxury and everyday wash.

Especially formulated to protect fibres while preserving the original beauty of fine textiles and apparel.

Le Blanc may be used on washable, colourfast and organic linens as well as all cottons, synthetics and blends. Safely launder antique linens, household bedding, table linens, lace, quilts and more.

Thats luxury laundry!