Singing sweet song...

Written by Silia Donato


Posted on January 03 2021

Welcome, take my hand, come with me...

Look here, the silver laden branch.

This morning's choir, dawns this day. 

There, in the corner of the window, the days first frost.

Here I stand as I wake, my eyes begin to swell, as the morning symphony now comes true. 

A gaze comes over the century old glass window, slowly my focus veers upwards.

The music still playing.

I make to the comfort of my bedside, pull back the linens. 

The soft of the cottons and downs now set.

The bronzed, now call to arms, last evenings flame now spent.

The eastern rising burns, upon my bare feet, I follow. 

The cherry stained oak reveals it's hearth.

To the looking glass, I wander.

I surrender to this days waking. 

To let it go, and so find a way, I'm wide awake, I'm not sleeping.

By the flower bed, I lay.

To the west I see. What once was the wheels of industry now lay silent. 

A cool summer breeze comes over, whispers in my ear and passes. 

The high sun rises, drawing from me the very life it gives.

Here, my day passes, memories of family, my daughters laughter, her smile, her embrace.

Time after time, I am reminded, a mother, a daughter, a wife.

So easily forgotten.

Share with me, a day in my life.



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